OEIS Mission Statement

OEIS’s mission is to serve the public and the medical profession by improving the quality of healthcare through setting and adhering to these professional quality standards.

Our Mission is Shaped by Our Beliefs

OEIS is a patient centric society focused on ensuring quality healthcare for patients in all settings including the outpatient hospital and office based interventional suites.

OEIS recognizes that there are multiple locations in the same facility capable of rendering appropriate care for interventional procedures, as well as many different specialists also trained to provide various interventional procedures.

OEIS strongly believes that all physicians who can verify appropriate training and credentials for procedures, should have equal access to all locations and equipment within a facility so that best care may be rendered to the patient.

Additionally, if an exclusive contract allows some specialties not party to the exclusive arrangement to perform procedures while excluding other practitioners of the same specialty as the exclusive contract holder from performing those same procedures, OEIS believes that these “exclusive contracts” should not be the basis for denying staff privileges for any practitioner regardless of the specialty where the board certification originated.

OEIS believes this credentialing practice compromises quality of care.

OEIS encourages hospital and facilities to place quality patient care first and allow all practitioners equal access to all equipment and care locations regardless of specialty and contractual relationships.

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